Ah, the family home… still the great Australian dream. But as time wears on, even your dream home needs a facelift. Arguably house renovations are the new Australian dream!

House renovations Melbourne

In Melbourne house renovations have always been a popular alternative to building a new home due to cost and the desire to stay in the same area close to established places of work, schools etc. House renovations in Melbourne make particular sense if your home is a “character” home.

House renovations vary from city to city based on lifestyle and socioeconomic factors. Compared to other cities, Melbourne house renovations have traditionally been to extend the existing house on a proportionately small block, maximising the indoor space on the available land. However a growing trend in house renovations Melbourne style is to maximise the outdoor area so inside flows seamlessly outside.

The Melbourne Climate

Melbourne’s climate is temperate with warm-hot summers and cool winters. Often Melbourne’s weather changes quickly in the afternoon as cool changes come in from the south. Hence Melbourne house renovations need to accommodate temperature variance – flexible outdoor spaces utilising PVC café blinds, ceiling fans and louvers are popular choices with Melbourne homeowners. Landscaped areas are more usable than ever before with extended rooflines, pavilions and gazebos replacing lawn and the once ubiquitous Hills hoist.

Melbourne’s modern culture

Melbourne is a sophisticated, modern city with a love of sport, art, culture, haute-cuisine and café-society – Melbourne house renovations tend to reflect this. A Melbourne home often incorporates modern finishes, neutral colour schemes and the latest gadgets but often paying homage to historic facades or architectural features. Individual style is reflected in features such as retro wallpaper, eclectic installation art and lit recesses to display collectibles. Trends in Melbourne house renovations often include home theatres for viewing sport and entertainment.

House renovations Melbourne – the colour palette

Melbournians pride themselves on impeccable taste so garish colour schemes are rarely seen in Melbourne homes. The favoured palette for house renovations Melbourne, is inspired by nature’s muted tones of brown, beige and khaki. Charcoal, black and white are perennial favourites with Melbourne renovators. Splashes of rich reds, aubergine or vivid blues are used sparingly as highlights.

The foodies kitchen

The growth in Melbourne “foodie” culture has seen the kitchen escalate in importance when it comes to house renovations in Melbourne. Kitchens are a major design consideration for Melbourne renovators even for smaller inner-city abodes. In larger Melbourne houses high-end kitchen appliances such as plate warmers and espresso machines are often installed. Dishwashers, fridges and microwaves can be discretely disguised with cabinet facades. Sinks are often mounted under granite or stone benchtops. In Melbourne house renovations, the focus is on kitchen functionality through clever-design.

Melbourne house renovation trends – Keep it in perspective

House renovations, Melbourne style should not be seen as a daunting task. No rule-book exists to ensure the latest trends in house renovations are built into your renovation project. Whilst it is interesting to know what the trends are in house renovations, unless you are renovating purely to incite a sale, you should renovate to suit your own lifestyle and tastes.

When it comes to house renovations in Melbourne, KM Construction has the expertise to assist you throughtout the entire renovation process. For more information about home renovations Melbourne, contact KM Construction.