WP_20151221_15_41_48_ProYou may have read in Grand Design Australia’s Issue 4.5 magazine From Peter Maddison.

If not, it is worth a read in full as he has a great insight into the principles of designing and building.

He talks about the foundations of personality and place as keys to ensuring you create an amazing, liveable home.

“From my perspective, the houses that have the most resonance and meaning incorporate all the pragmatic elements such as sustainability, orientation, ergonomics, appropriate costing and timing. But they go the extra step of being relevant to one’s local environment and have deeper meaning to the owners.” says Peter in his editorial.

He makes a brilliant point that the homes that stand out from the rest are the ones that become an extension of the lives and personalities of those who live there. Though, as with most things, it is easier said than done.

“This extra step takes a longer lead time and research before any building work beings. I always say it takes the same time to do the design and technical drawings as it does to build the house itself.”

The extra step that Peter Maddison talks about, is time you need to take for yourself to work out what is important to you, your family and the surrounding landscape where you have chosen to build. We have put together a few ideas and tips to help articulate and deliver on your personality and place in our recent article: Creating an Inspirational Home.

KM Construction is here to help build your new home, as well as bring it to life with your chosen ideas and features to set it apart as a unique custom home. We will help you (along with your architects) work out you how you want to live in your home and the values that are most important to you to deliver upon. Peter sums it up well explaining that yes, it is important for a home to be functional but to find that extra “something” that makes it more than a home is well worth chasing.

“The most important things in life are not always pragmatic and practical. It’s the bits that tickle your soul that count. So embrace personality and place.”

Read the full article from Peter Maddison in Issue 4.5 Grand Design Australia’s (Universal Magazines) page 21. Exerts taken directly from the magazine have been bolded.