There are multiple milestones that make up the process of building a custom home. KM Construction has outlined below a list of the common steps that you might hear referred to when building on the Mornington Peninsula or in the Bayside area of Melbourne. This will also help you to understand how the build is tracking.




1. Design, Costing & Engineering 

In conjunction with you, KM Construction and affiliated building designers will convert your ideas and priorities into a project plan for your dream home.

Come prepared with any images that inspire you as well as the top five areas of importance to you and what you are looking to achieve.

Read case studies from other clients to help understand what to think about.

Decide on your budget that then allows the creation of your plans ready for a quotation.

We make the paperwork process as stress-free as possible. KM Construction will assist with the home building agreement, detailing engineering drawings, energy reports, development application process through council and fees to be paid.

Every build is unique as are your needs that’s why we can introduce you to our affiliated interior designers, financial partners and a raft of other specialists to ensure your home is designed to your exact specification.

Once you have decided to enlist KM Construction to build your custom designed home, we will provide you with access to our Client Portal to help ensure you are aware of the building progress and status at all times, as well as ask questions no matter how big or small. Our portal also helps you keep track of your budget.

2. Preliminaries

During this stage we finalise plans with you and start preparing the build site for work to begin. We will create your schedule on our client portal for you to view all the milestones as well as decisions and budget.

Work on site at this stage may involve site fencing being erected, site surveys (to determine boundaries), demolition (either of an existing building or clearing tree’s as required) and utility connections will be arranged (electricity, gas, storm water, sewer and water).

We will provide survey stakes for the layout of foundation and building setbacks as required and per design. This is necessary for new construction and some renovations. It is the first physical marking of your custom home, which can help to show you the size as well as give KM Construction locations of stumps for foundation work.

3. Foundation

Now you get to break ground! Any beautiful custom home needs to be on good foundation. In the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside areas of Melbourne this will typically either be a concrete slab or on stumps. This will be determined by your engineer.

KM Construction will organise trades such as concreters, plumbers, excavators and electricians to come to site to prepare their requirements for site. Termite treatment will also occur at this time if required.

4. Framing

Now the building starts to take shape with the installation of the sub floor or slab. From here KM Construction will build the walls, install trusses for multiple floors and run ceiling joists to give you the skeleton of your home.

KM Construction will use the client portal (link) for communication with you about decisions that need to be made to keep the build on schedule. At this stage, typically we would look to make decisions and order windows, exterior doors and any unique features that need to be built into the home (fireplaces for example).

5. Lock Up

Once the carpenters have built the frame, KM Construction will arrange trades to clad the exterior of the frame with materials such as brick, stone or timber and the roof will be installed along with windows to make the structure water tight.

6. Rough In

During this stage the team will run gas, electricity, water, sewer and other services to your home by the plan you have worked on with KM Construction and your designer.

Typically plaster will be hung as an internal wall material, though you may have chosen some unique materials for internal and external walls (timber, brick, concrete), which will also be installed at this stage.

7. Fixing

At this stage insulation and plaster will be installed and wet areas waterproofed in preparation for tiling.  Doors will be hung, architraves and skirting boards will be fitted and your joinery will be installed. Painting can now take place both internally and externally which shows you the character of the home you are creating.

8. Finishing

All the decisions you have made along the way with KM Construction and designers are now coming into place. Tiles will by laid on walls and floors, flooring and kitchen (and other) cabinetry installed. Once installed, we will organise for countertops to be measured and installed and splashbacks finished.

Painting is completed once trims (arc’s and skirts) are installed and other trades return to complete services (mixers, showers, lighting etc).

Once all finishing touches are in place KM Construction will organise a final inspection for the Building Permit to be completed and a Certificate of Occupancy granted.

We will have your home professionally cleaned for your inspection also.

9. Certificate of Occupancy – Your new home! 

KM Construction are thrilled to hand over the keys to you as the build is now complete you can turn your custom designed house into your beautiful home.

Talk with KM Construction today about how we can make your custom home on the Mornington Peninsula or Bayside areas a reality. 

Please note: This is a standard milestone outline. KM Construction will work with each client individually as the order and inclusions may vary based upon the custom designed requirements.