The main reason to undertake DIY home renovations in Melbourne is perceived cost savings, but have you considered all the intricacies, costs and stresses of home renovations in Melbourne?

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The biggest two reasons to not DIY are of course lack of time and lack of skills. Home renovations in Melbourne need to accommodate the Melbourne lifestyle whilst still enhancing Melbourne’s architectural styles. Combine this with council regulations and other legal consideration and DIY home renovations start to be not so compelling. Accessing the skills os a professional builder makes sense when undertaking home renovations in Melbourne.

Top ten reasons to not DIY home renovations in Melbourne

  1. Doing your own Melbourne home renovations will generally take longer than engaging a Melbourne builder.
  2. DIY home renovations in Melbourne can end up being more expensive if you need to call in a professional builder to fix up costly mistakes.
  3. Melbourne home renovations are often best when the style of the original Melbourne architecture is considered – a Melbourne builder recognises these styles and can enhance them.
  4. DIY home renovations in Melbourne are stressful.
  5. As someone doing DIY home improvements you will not be able to access trade discounts on supplies.
  6. Sometimes it is hard for the DIYer to tell if the home is structurally sound. Melbourne home renovations should not be undertaken on poor or badly-aged structures.
  7. Most councils in the greater Melbourne area have strict requirements for home renovations in Melbourne which you may not be aware of, whereas a professional builder has experience .
  8. Melbourne home renovations require specialised skills – tasks that look easy to DIY are often quite difficult.
  9. Home renovations require project management. A Melbourne builder can manage all aspects of your home renovations in Melbourne.
  10. There is often a skills shortage, making hiring individual tradespeople for home renovations in Melbourne difficult. A builder has a ready group of contractors to call upon.

Home renovation Melbourne

Home renovations in Melbourne are increasing in these tough economic times. This is because Melbourne home renovations are often more cost effective than moving to a newer/larger home. It is often best to avoid DIY home renovations just to save further costs because you may be forgoing quality. Quality renovations greatly enhance the value and liveability of your Melbourne home. Ensure your home improvements are of a high quality by engaging a licenced builder who specialises in Melbourne home renovations.

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If you do decide to undertake home renovations in Melbourne make sure you used licenced trades people for the important jobs like plumbing and electrical, research extensively and get multiple quotes for any extra trade work. Renovations should also be adequately budgeted, even if you decide to DIY. Home renovations in Melbourne should also match the style of the existing architecture, particularly the façade. Keeping to these few simple guidelines will make your home renovations suit Melbourne and your lifestyle.

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Karl Melkus is a licenced builder who specialises in Melbourne home renovations. Discuss your Melbourne home renovations plans with a dedicated Melbourne builder – contact KM Construction.