The Melbourne lifestyle is an enviable one. You can see why Melbourne is frequently listed as one of the worlds’ most liveable cities:

  • Melbourne is known for big events (Australian Open, Melbourne Cup etc).
  • Melbourne offers great bars, restaurants and shopping
  • Melbourne has a multicultural, sophisticated population.

Melbourne home extensions

Melbourne people are passionately devoted to sport and they love the arts, good food, cocktails and coffee. It is only natural that home extensions in Melbourne match these varied interests.

Home extensions in Melbourne have sky-rocketed in the past few years as Melbournians cater to the Melbourne lifestyle at home. Home extensions in Melbourne include additional or enlarged living areas to provide a haven from Melbourne’s cool winters and hot summers. This doesn’t mean that the outside areas are inconsequential. Melbourne’s love of sport extends to the backyard, so home extensions in Melbourne need to be carefully thought out to maximise both the internal house and externally too.

Enlarging the kitchen or dining area is another typical home extension in Melbourne. Particularly in older homes, where kitchens were often pokey, the perfect home extension in Melbourne should include a spacious kitchen to cater to Melbourne foodies’ obsession with epicurean pleasures.

One home extension in Melbourne that is often over-looked is the enlarging of bathrooms. A bigger bathroom can provide a sanctuary from the hustle’n’bustle of Melbourne city life. Renovating a small bathroom may be tempting to keep costs down but if you are undergoing a home extension to expand other rooms, why not also include a bathroom extension.

Do’s and don’ts of Melbourne home extensions

  • Do find a builder who specialises in Melbourne home extensions
  • Do consider the Melbourne lifestyle when undergoing home extensions
  • Do set a budget for your Melbourne home extension
  • Do consider architectual style when planning your Melbourne home extension
  • Do think about resale value when budgeting for your Melbourne home extension
  • Don’t forget to obtain Council permission for all home extensions in Melbourne
  • Don’t settle for a small bathroom when planning your Melbourne home extension
  • Don’t DIY as it can lead to a poor quality Melbourne home extension

Finding the perfect melbourne house builder

Finding a builder to create the perfect home extensions in Melbourne means finding a local builder that understands the Melbourne lifestyle needs. Ask for Melbourne testimonials from actual Melbourne based clients. A builder who lives in and has a history in Melbourne can help you create the perfect Melbourne home extension.

Karl Melkus is a licenced builder who specialises in home extensions in the Melbourne area, to suit the Melbourne lifestyle. Discuss your Melbourne home extension plans with a Melbourne builder – contact KM Construction.