Alison and James own a Victorian workers cottage in the Bayside area of Melbourne. The Bayside home was run down and dreary inside with little light, closed rooms and limited access to the courtyard outside.

Alison loved the character but felt the Bayside home needed extensions to open the home up. James wanted a modern home with an outdoorsy feel. Time for home extensions Bayside style!

Home extensions Bayside style!

Melbourne’s Bayside lifestyle revolves around the outdoors, so the home extensions needed to dramatically improve the access to the courtyard. Their plans for home extensions incorporated bi-fold doors so the lounge room seemingly flowed to the outdoors. The couple’s home extension wish list included widening doorways and fitting skylights to provide more light to create a modern Bayside home.

The Bayside area of Melbourne offers a plethora of cafes and restaurants but the kitchen was still important for Bayside foodies, Alison and James. They wanted to open up the kitchen as part of their Bayside home extensions, but the finishes needed to be fashionable and functional. Neutral colours and natural fabrications were called upon for these Bayside home extensions.

Naturally, their Bayside home extensions had to allow for Melbourne’s extreme weather, including reverse cycle air-conditioning and a gas fireplace.

Finding a Bayside home extensions specialist

To summarise the most important attributes that both James and Alison were looking for in a builder were:

  • A builder who knows Melbourne’s Bayside architecture
  • Builders experienced with council requirements for home extensions Bayside
  • Home extensions to suit the style of their home and their urban Bayside lifestyle
  • Bayside home extensions that fit their budget

Alison started to research builders who specialised in Bayside home extensions. She soon found that true Bayside home extensions specialists were hard to find.

After numerous calls, she felt that none of the builders she spoke to really understood the style of home or were familiar with the Bayside urban landscape. The couple met with several of large building companies, many who offered only standard designs or suggested a knock-down-rebuild of their historic Bayside home. The smaller Bayside builders that Alison spoke to often interested in small jobs or did not offer project management services.

Alison and James finally found a Bayside-based builder who had built a reputation for home extensions to suit Bayside living. They met with the builder at their Bayside home. The Bayside builder spent the time to talk about Alison and James’ needs and their unique lifestyle habits.

Once they had settled on a suitable builder, their dream Bayside home extensions were quickly realised. Their Bayside home extensions provided extra space and light as well as a modern interior that flowed effortlessly to the outdoor area. Importantly, the historical façade of the Bayside cottage was maintained and restored.

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