Top 5 Tips for making your idea’s come to fruition in a build.

We all have a seed of an idea for a certain design that someday would be amazing to build, be it a particular feature in a home or the overall design. More often than not though, the practicalities of making it a home outweigh these ambitions. It is possible to achieve, but it is not always easy.

1. Be clear about your idea/ambition

Find images, articles, photos that can help to show what your idea is. Better yet, have a go at drawing it yourself. There are also great tools online to help you.

2. Talk it through with others

An idea can sound like one thing in your head and another when explained out loud. Talk it through with friends, family and your builder and designers. The more the merrier. Take what they say on board but remember, it’s your build.

3. Search for the right architect and builder to deliver

OK, now you have a clear way of describing your idea (whether it is a feature in a home or a theme to drive the whole build). It’s time to find the best team to deliver it. Ask potential builders and architects for their interpretation of what you have explained. Find out if they have had previous experience that can be relevant to what you are looking to achieve.

4. Find a champion

Every build needs a champion for certain things. Your builder will be your champion in delivering your home and your designer your champion on the concept. Someone will need to be keeping your idea top of mind with regards to decisions. It might be you, it might be the builder or someone else, but nominate them if they have a passion and drive for your idea (it wont work if it is forced!).

5. Be agile and innovative in delivery 

OK, reality check. Sometimes an idea may not be always practical in real life. That doesn’t mean you should give up and have a cup of tea. Use your team (and especially your champion) to plan how it can be adapted to suit a space, budget, timeframe. As the saying goes – if there is a will, there is way. Keep looking!

Contact KM Construction about your idea and ambition for your home. We can be your champion.